Calvary has a number of ministry gatherings that occur each month.  Listed below are just a few.  If you would like to start a ministry or gathering that is not listed here, it can happen. Dreams of new ways to minister with others are always welcome!


Women of the ELCA meet every 1st Wednesday of the month at noon for a meeting and planning for the myriad of events and activities that they sponsor, including bazaars, social events, and community activities.



We have a dedicated group of quilters that meet regularly at church to quilt and socialize.  Their quilts have been auctioned off to support Luther Park summer camp, to keep returned war vets warm, and to give warmth to those in need.  More quilters are always invited to join…no prior skills needed!  Contact the church office to find out when and where they are meeting!


Congregational Council

The council at Calvary is an elected body of dedicated volunteers who seek to keep Calvary Lutheran preaching, teaching, and serving Christ..  They meet monthly to make decisions and work on the “business” side of the church thriving.