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History of Calvary Lutheran Church
Minong, WI

The exact date of the beginning of Luthera Church work at Minong is not known but it was about the year 1924 when Revo J. G. Wickie of .the Missouri Synod began to preach there.  His pastorate continued for about a year and a halt. He resided at Solon Springs. Rev. Thurmail succeeded him and lived at Minong for about a year.  There was a short period of vacancy, during which time several visiting pastors preached.  This followed Rev. C. M. Paulson of Hayward, who preached at Minong for about two years until April, 1929.  The present pastor, Rev. E. C. Baalson of Hayward, took up the work at Minong in the fall of 1929 preaching his first sermon there on September 22, the service being conducted in the present Presbyterian Church.  There was no place to meet that we could call our own.  The services were conducted in various halls in the village. Steps were therefore soon taken to acquire a permanent place.  An attempt was made to buy an abandoned school house and move it to Minong but this failed.

Old School building prior to it being abandoned

Old School Building

Thoughts were then turned toward the building of a church.  The first step was to organize and incorporate as a congregation.   A meeting for that purpose was called at the town hall for April 15, 1934.  The following board of trustees was elected: Edward Evenson, chairman; William Jesse, second member, and Robert Tolene, third member.  Mrs. Elsie Jaquish was elected secretary.

A committee to draw up a proposed constitution and submit suggested names for
the congregation was elected, consisting of Pearl Evenson, Mrs. J. Postl, and Walter next Jesse.  These were to meet with the pastor before the next service. This committee, together with the pastor, met at the home of Mrs. Kathryn Evans on April 20 and drew up a proposed constitution and selected three names for the congregation out the names that had been submitted by the members of the congregation.  After the regular services on May 13 the congregation adopted its constitution. The name, “Calvary Lutheran Church”, was chosen for the congregation. The Board of Trustees were appointed as a building committee.  The Articles of Incorporation were drawn and signed. Two different lots for the church building·were reported offered to the congregation free of charge.

Upon application to the Eastern District, the congregation became a member of
the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America at the Annual District meeting held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 9, 1934.

The Pastor drew up a plan for a· church building. This plan was discussed and accepted at a business meeting conducted after the regular service on September 16.  It was also decided to accept the lot offered by Mr. Nordholm as the location of the church.  The building was staked out by Mr. Edward Evenson and the pastor in September, and the excavation for the basement was made shortly afterwards.

The first lumber to be bought was purchased from Mr. Alfred O. Olson of Hayward and the first load was delivered at the church lot on December 7.

At a meeting on March 2, a building committee, consisting of Albert Garlund, J. Postl, and Robert Tolene, was elected.  The work of erecting the church was begun in May, 1935. The pastor served as contractor and the members of the congregation and friends of the congregation donated labor on the building project.  It was decided to build the basement out of concrete with laid cobblestone three feet above the ground and the rest of the church to be built of cement blocks which were to be made at the church.  The cobblestone work was almost completed by the first of August.  The building was to be erected entirely by donated labor so it was not possible to get any more done during the year 1935.

Below are pictures of the first Calvary Lutheran Church building.
You will also notice a wedding inside of the first building.

Until April 1, 1936, the finances of the congregation had been handled through the Ladies’ Aid but at the annual business meeting conducted on April 10, Mrs. Albert Ganlund was elected as the first treasurer of the congregation, and Mrs. P.M. (remainder not available at this time)Acceptance Letter into the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.



Christ lutheran Church
S. M. Topness, Pastor
Rev. 400 E Main St.
Stoughton, Wis.
June 18, 1934

The Rev. E. O. Baalson
Hayward, Wis.

Dear Rev. Baalson:

Yon are hereby advised that the application of Calvary Lutheran Church of Minong, Wisconsin for membership in the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America Was duly considered at the Eastern District convention of the N.L.C.A. held at Minneapolis, Minnesota , June 9th, 1934, and by official vote the Calvary Lutheran Church of Minong,  Wisconsin was accepted as a member of the Eastern District, Rice Lake Circuit, of the N.L.C.A.

The Eastern District is very happy to welcome the Calvary Lutheran church into its membership and prays God’s richest blessings upon its work of bringing souls into the kingdom of God.

Very truly yours

SM Topness Signature

Secretary Eastern District N.L.C.A.


Know all men by these present that the undersigned, Edward Everson, William Jesse, and Robert F. Tolene and those who are may become associated with them for the purposes herein specified have organized themselves into a religious society of the Norwegian Lutheran Church, located in the Village of Minong, in the county of Washburn, and the State of Wisconsin, for religious, charitable and educational purposes, which society shall be known and incorporated by the name of Calvary Lutheran Church.  That the undersigned members of the said Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Dated May 14, 1934

Certificate Signatures1

Organization Signatures